Are you a feminist or not?

On Twitter (oh Twitter) there seems to be a lot of confusion what a feminist is. There are a lot of “feminists” out there who are not actual feminists *cough* Anita Sarkeesian *cough* Who call themselves feminists, but here are some clues that there are not actual feminists.

  • They HATE men. They just hate all men, that is not Feminism.
  • They don’t usually allow people to “learn”. You have to be THEIR way the first time.
  • They attack, they don’t communicate. Like above, it’s their way or no way.
  • They have very similar wording to MRA’s.
  • They usually don’t like transgender people.  Feminism is about equality. Non-feminists don’t usually consider people who “change” their sex to be of their new gender.
  • Feminists want to be equal to men, not their overlords.
  • They tend to be angry at who knows who.

There are also two types of non-Feminist. There are the ones who just don’t want to label themselves as a Feminist. These people are usually a lot calmer, they just don’t want to be labelled. Then there are the extreme Feminists or aka Feminazi’s. Where they call themselves a Feminist, but they’re actually not. These Feminazi’s are usually the type that are described above. Think of MRA’s who say they are for Men’s Rights, but they are more for just hating on women.



7 thoughts on “Are you a feminist or not?

  1. Your post puts the record straight. But I think there’s a reason they’ve begun hating on men, which would be the constant sexism they get to face. But anyway, nice blog. Even I’m thinking of writing something regarding this


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