Trumpter #32…The Blogger vs The “Writer”.

I admit, I mocked someone. It’s just that sometimes Trump supporters make it SO easy to mock them to begin with. I was “debating” with someone who calls themselves a writer in their Bio. Yet, they couldn’t understand that very basics of a debate.

We started to “debate” about this…

Now according to Phillips “writer” friend. Wajahat didn’t win the debate because he wasn’t specific enough. Which I’m not sure which part is not specific enough. But this is where it takes another turn. Because if Phillips writer friend had actually read the thread, he would actually understand that Phillips responded to a question about Trumps corruption with this “whataboutism”.

Wajahat actual question was “How are the complicit Republicans going to explain Trumps corruption and the general corruption of the GOP party to their children”. That was the response Phillip gave. Yet, it had nothing to do with Trump? So not sure why writer friend was saying, that Phillip gave a good debate because he was being specific, whereas Wajahet wasn’t?

  1. Phillip was not specific with Trump, which was what the original question was about.
  2. . You don’t have to give long speeches for it to be a long debate. Sometimes, simple works.
  3. Also, how is Wajahat wrong?

So the mocking came about because, as I, so kindly pointed. Just because you use long words, doesn’t make you a writer. A writer actually knows what words means. I had to explain “whataboutisms” to him. I asked him does he understand what the word “debate” means?

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