Insta Irritations

What is up with those people (mainly girls) who have nothing but selfies of themselves. The most annoying being with a selfie and some lame deep and meaningful quote. Then turning around and complain about other people (mainly other women) posting a selfie?

I literally cannot stand people like that! I follow Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram, and she is a beautiful girl. She has always taken beautiful pictures. Lately though, instead of people calling her beautiful, they’re just calling her desperate. I know it’s too do with Austin and her breaking up. I can’t even say who broke up with who, because we don’t actually know.

Of course, all the comments are from “women”. All of who have nothing but selfies of themselves. Selfies with those “deep” quotes. So I started to ask them “who did you take your selfies for?” Why do people take selfies of themselves with some quote and then complain about other people taking selfies of themselves? At least Hudgens isn’t doing some quote with her selfies. She’s just like “feeling good”…and so she should! What’s wrong with that?


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