Not Valentines Day…

My partner and I have decided this year not to spend money on each other this year. What with him buying a new house and my dentist spending. Neither of us want to spend any money. Valentines is just not very “cost-effective” at the moment. Although my partners birthday is at the end of Feb. What I have been doing is researching into cost-effective ways for not only if you’re in a couple, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with spreading some self love too.

There’s one idea that I have, that I will share. I was ooh and arring with do I share. But I will, because you all might want it to do yourselves too.

  1. One plan I have, is that I have love heart shaped post it notes. Since I’m working tomorrow, I was going to randomly write quotes and then leave them around in different places. Not necessarily just at work, but since I’ll be travelling by bus. Just literally leaving them in random places.
  2. Of course if you grow your own flowers. Really making sure that you have some pretty flowers to either pick for yourself, a loved one or a partner.
  3. Making a nice dinner,  instead of buying. That’s my plan for this evening. I just have no idea what I’m making!lol. I was going to make a lasagna from scratch, but now I’m working all day.
  4. One thing that I used to love to do when I was single was watch my favourite “romance” movies – “Moulin Rouge” “Phantom of the Opera”. With bad food, so your pizza, maybe McDonalds, KFC.



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