Journal Prompts

I love journal prompts and anything that helps me to think of topics to blog. I find it very personal to write prompts about my anxiety and it’s issues. Then I came across “The Mad Mummy” blog/website. They have created journal prompts for anxiety and depression, that may inspire us. Initially I was going to do this once a day for a whole month. After reading the actual questions. I decided that I’m going to do one, once a month. This way I can really get into the question, rather than trying to rush.

Let’s see if I have any ah uh, moments!

1. List 10 things you are thankful for today.

As I said this is going to be a once a month thing. So although it says for the day. I’m just going to list 10 things I am generally grateful for.

      1. I am grateful that I am not an actual Royal…Except in my own mind,lol
      2. My furbabies still being here. Both for myself and them. I love just looking at them…Probably creeps them out,lol
      3. My family. How I am able to be me, how we are all so different, and we still get on so well.
      4. When I’m busy at work. I don’t think about how sick I am, and I do think about how much money I am making
      5. All my plushies, to hug when no one else wants to hug,lol.
      6. That I have a roof over my head.
      7. I have furbabies that are still here. We nearly lost our chihuahua this week a year ago! They wanted to put her down, but she’s still here and she has her moments of an old lady, but every now and then. She’s like a puppy.
      8. All the comedy shows I enjoy. For the whole of my life.
      9. The Sims,lol
      10. I am grateful for being me ❤

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