Repeating myself.

Oh I hate people wanting “Justice” for someone just because they’re attracted to them. People don’t know them, they just find them attractive. Women are honestly the worst at this. Ted Bundy springs to mind. I don’t know why, but we just are.

Today I couldn’t figure out what all this #JusticeforJohnny was about. Then I found out that Amber Heard admitted to throwing things at him. Which somehow, for some reason. Automatically excluded Depp from doing it too…Except it doesn’t.

It makes me personally angry when I see or read things like that. Mainly because before my parents spilt up, my Mum actually threw something at my Dad. Does that mean she’s the abuser, not my Dad. He’s suddenly excused from his behaviours? No. It quiet frankly pisses me off reading these stupid girls “Change.Org” crap.

I have always felt that they were as bad as each other, and quiet frankly I wish they both would just go away and let it go. Johnny Depp didn’t lose work because Heard rang up and demand that he not get anymore work. He lost work, because of HIMSELF…I mean, come on! Does it even seem logical that in Hollywood, HOLLYWOOD, Heard could just ring and demand that Depp didn’t get any more work because Heard, someone not really heard of…said so?

No, we’ve all seen the video. We’ve all seen the interviews were he was clearly on something.

Depp and Heard “stans” give abuse a bad name.

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