Unpopular Opinion #3

I didn’t actually like the live action Aladdin. I think it may possibly be the worst out of all of them. From the beginning to the end, there was very little I enjoyed. There was only one scene that I actually enjoyed and that was the whole “jam” bit. If you saw it, you know what I mean. I didn’t enjoy much else.

Will Smith, I actually thought was a really good Genie though. Whoever was going to play the genie was going to be tough to follow Robin Williams. Will Smith was an a good choice. I don’t mind the choices for the other characters either, Aladdin, was adorable. The acting was good, it was the story-line and the plot.

Aladdin is supposed to be about coming from nothing to something, based on the kind of good person you are. I am all for woman power and woman being on top, but that’s not what Aladdin is about. It’s not called “Jasmine”.

Anyone who thinks that Jasmine wouldn’t be listened to by Aladdin in the animated world, is an idiot.

How many Disney live action movies have their been where the guys comes out on top? One, “The Lion King”. We don’t NEED another female empowerment movie, since the rest are all about female empowerment. This was one was supposed to be about the boys. Not the girls. Aladdin was always my favourite Disney Prince, so this live action really put me off live actions. It probably did not help that I had seen the musical roughly a week before. THAT WAS BRILLIANT!

Then there was the whole my favourite song was at the beginning of the movie, Jasmine had already met Aladdin. The whole “Do you trust me” bit got lost, which was one of the big things for me.


7 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion #3

  1. I can’t say I want to watch the movie. Robin Williams was so good in the original, it would be almost impossible (I believe) to come close to his fabulous interpretation.
    Having said that, I must say that Will Smith is one of my favourite actors and I’m sure he would be good in whatever he chose. Still, it remains that I doubt I’ll see this one!

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