Just so you know

There is no such thing as a “nice” terf. A Terfs whole mission is to abuse, degrade and eliminate a group of people. That’s it. Terfs aren’t there to be nice to the people they don’t like? That’s like saying there are nice white supremacist…No, they are not. Their entire aim is to degrade and “eliminate” a group of people, a minority of an already minority group.

If you see anyone wearing or have in their bios, LGB only. That generally means that they are anti-tran. TERF’s are also, normally, gay themselves. So homosexuals and lesbians. I don’t think I’ve actually met an asexual or a pansexual etc, who are. Doesn’t mean that they’re not.

I’m bringing this up, as a couple of days ago a TERF was outraged that one of Scotlands biggest gay clubs kicked a TERF out because they were wearing a top that had LGB on it. Now this gay club is trans inclusive. So I don’t know why they thought that’d be a great idea! Then they wanted to play victim, saying things like “Think, real hard, who the majority are in the LGBT community”. So we told them “Think, real hard, about Stone wall”. I told her to think about Stone wall and she be paying homage to the trans community, who were the forebears who made the gay community more safer. For her ungrateful overly-privileged bratty bigoted lesbian ass, to be safe.

The other thing I said to her was “So why, should I, as a straight person, fight for the gay community? Straight is the majority and quiet frankly her attitude is the one doing harm. I don’t want to fight for her”.

As for trans people being the minority, well I am not surprised. You have to be REALLY sure of yourself to be trans. They are hated by the straight community and their own. I can’t imagine why more aren’t just “coming out”.

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4 thoughts on “Just so you know

    1. It is an acronym. It stands for:

      Of course, I don’t believe that it’s feminism unless it stands for all women, including transgender women. But the term for so-called feminism that excludes transgender women is a TERF.

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