“Megxit”This is the reason…

Hopefully this will be the last time I’ll have to write about this.

“People” like Only One Kate, are the reason that Harry & Meghan are leaving. It’s a page dedicated to bullying, harassing & putting down Meghan Markel. They’re “exposing” some they don’t know. I asked them “Why should we take you at your word” Blocked. When I got a look into their account, so far they’ve ‘exposed’ MM with a picture of them in a car leaving the “summit”. Which was just a picture of them in a car, there was no link to the pictures source. That Meghan doesn’t wear foundation, by getting a picture really close up of MM . But you know like her little cult says “MM never has anything bad said about her”.

It’s a sad state of our world. That more people are upset about #HarryandMeghan, choosing to put FAMILY first, to leave a mentally unhealthy situation. Than Prince Andrew involved with #Epstein. At the same time, the same people, are upset with “Lefties”. A young man killed himself, because he got told off for yelling at a Drag Queen & children. Yet, “people” like Only One Kate, can’t even say they ARE the problem. They have NO insight, that they ARE the problem

I have literally had “conversations” with people who answered questions, like “Is Meghan Markle a narcissistic” and they have literally said “I don’t know her, but seeing press of her. Yes, she is”.

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