Stop being creepy!

*warning incoming rant*

Oh my god there is this guy I am so over on. I met a new “friend” through my safari live feed.

We chatted about three times, I had replied to a screenshot of his. Where he had gotten baby cubs. He seemed fine, then about three conversations in, he got the weird thing. All the girls on here probably know what I’m talking about. He has a kind of girlfriend, he started wanting all this sex advice from me. He kept calling me via Facebook to the extent that I took FB messenger off my phone.

I’d come off of Facebook, come back on, there’d be like 50+ messages from him. One of the last times I talked to him, he kept complaining about how he doesn’t like his “girlfriend” doing certain things to him. So I kept telling him to say no, would not listen. But still expects me to sit there and chat about…God knows what.

Then he started hassling me for my phone number, the usual “only once, you can delete it after that” Oh hell no. I don’t use my number on FB or Insta or Twitter for a reason. He wanted to use WhatsApp. I have no idea what that even is, but I kept saying no. We cant talk via Facebook messenger.

Then what really peeved me off was he started a message telling me how hot I looked. Which instantly put me on edge. Then he said he’d show me pictures of his girlfriend and I thought “oh thanks goodness, we’re not talking about me”. He wanted to send me just nudes, because she asked him to take pictures of her. As I pointed out after repeatedly saying “Just clothed pictures”. She didn’t ask me to take them, did she.

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I have given them a good talking too. I’m sad that with everything, like #metoo…I still have too >.<

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