All the single mama’s! Magic Monday #10

I can very happily say that I also know good single Dads too. This article doesn’t surprise me though.

Single mamas are raising awesome kids – and research confirms it. Motherly article;

You know why this true for (both mums and dads). You don’t NEED a mum and a dad to raise a successfully, good child, you just need good guardians. That’s what parents really are, we are guardians.

Brewaeys said. “However, it seems likely that any negative influence on child development depends more on a troubled parent-child relationship and not on the absence of a father.”

take a village

My cousin and I were just talking about this. How these days people trust a very small number of people, if it all, to take care of their kids these days. We understand why, but we were talking about how even us, as kids, we would hang out all the time. We were always over each other houses. When we went to other friends houses, as long as parents or adults were there, our parents were fine. Now it seems that you have to be really good friends with the parents first. Even if your best friend has to get their parents to take care, it’s not okay.

There is always going to be that one single parent who ruins it for the rest, but there are “together” parents who are just as bad. We’re humans, there is always bad and good in every situation. In my own personal life, most of the successful people I know, who have good kids are from single parents. I can only think of a couple of successful married couples. Most of them are from second marriages as well.

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