I do blame social media

I do blame it for a lot of the problems in today’s world.

You can’t someone like Jack from Twitter say we’re going to really crack down on bullying and then just keep letting the POTUS continually a 16 year old girl, because she knows how to handle herself.

Spending the last few days, nearly a whole week off of social media, because of just not being able to access it. It’s been really nice, I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been taking photos and things, writing ideas down for blogging. Generally though, it’s been quiet. The first time I came back on, it was alright too. I just had a lot of dog on my Instagram feed. Then the next time, that’s when it started to get back into again.

When I came back on as well, I noticed that the same people I had left behind had been on over the entire Christmas days. I felt sad for them, and pretty sorry as well. I think it’s kind of sad that they’d rather go and follow people they don’t like, to “argue” with people they don’t know, over Christmas.

I’m not Religious, I’m more spiritual than anything. So I’m not into the whole celebrating Jesus’s birthday. I love just being with family and spending time with them…Getting the gifts, don’t hurt either. This was the also the first year I didn’t speak to my Dad over Christmas, but that was okay too. Even my Mum had to block my Dad in the end as well. She was the one who felt sorry for him, until he insulted her parents. Her parents (my grandparents), her father is Dad and her mum is still alive. But no matter their faults, they are definitely a world better than my Dads parents, their Dad beat up my Dads twin brother. Too the point, he was nearly dead. All because my Dads dad, didn’t believe his own son has tourette’s.

It’s like my cousin said today, the internet is a great tool, but it has really exposed a lot of faults in our world. Especially with human beings.

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