What did they actually think they were voting for?

I came across a meme from a Trump supporter, I’ve posted it below and this is exactly what I wrote back to them underneath.

70 million

If he is, America is doomed. Did you just not care what he did before he was running? How many times he was sued for discrimination, stiffing his workers. Trumps charity was just shut down due to illegally funding. If that’s all of you…Wow, when did you all lose your souls?

That’s a genuine question by the way. Like, if you’re saying that’s all of you. How do you not get why we don’t like you? That you all don’t follow the Law, that you’re all just racist, sexists pigs? How many affairs do you allow your husband/s to have?

That you’re all just emotional twitter fanatics, who get upset by 16 year old children…Children who just want to help the planet you live on. Rather than sitting inside all day, doing drug, playing computer games. A child old enough to be your grandchild. That’s who you all are?

…I got blocked,lol

4 thoughts on “What did they actually think they were voting for?

  1. Good for you! I didn’t vote for Trump, if he doesn’t get impeached, I won’t vote for him in 2020, however; I know people who did vote for Trump that are now sorry that they did. So she better recalculate her figures before she starts talking on behalf of other people!!! Just sayin’! Lol.

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