I have twitter blocked myself…

I have Twitter blocked myself today, before I’ll probably get banned getting called someone a Republican, a fake Christian wanker.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Barron” incident. I got SO mad! I can’t tell you how mad I got. While these Republicans are calling what was said “offensive”. They don’t think it’s offensive the children that have died under Trumps administration, the adults calling Greta Thunberg, mentally retarded. But you don’t you dare say that Trump calling Barron a Baron, doesn’t make him a Baron.

This one particular guy though. Was going on about how it was the parents fault, because they brought them over and they should learn about personal responsibility. The kids are DEAD! How are they supposed to learn about personal responsibility when they’re dead! The stable geniuses that they are. So the kids deserve to die, because their parents committed a misdemeanour. Yeah, Barron not being a Baron is so much worse than that.

I also found it funny that Melania was so outrage and then people started showing the interview where she called Obama a birther. Clearly was not thinking about Sasha and Malia in that interview, was she. But yes, please go off, about calling Barron, not a Baron, is much worse.

Why is it every single Republican. Whenever they’re outraged about something. There is always a video or proof of them saying and doing much worse?lol



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