How do you blog?

I started to think recently about how I blog. I usually write two posts a day, most of them are scheduled. The first is usually early in the morning (5am) and the other is usually in the evening (5-6pm) my time. It made me wonder if people thought I was being rude? I can’t honestly remember the last time I remember being up at 5am. Between 5-6pm, if I’m at work, I’m leaving travelling. That’s why a lot of my posts are scheduled.

I just had this thought that maybe I was appearing to be rude? Mainly because, as I mentioned. I schedule a lot of my posts. It just got me wondering if people were thinking “Well if she’s got time to post, she’s got time to reply to my comment”? Then it had me wondering if others do the same as myself, or do you all write and publish your posts there and then? The other thing I do, is rarely do I post on the weekend. It has to be of something that is of particular interest to me. Because I have a lot of random thoughts about situations, I could write every single day of every thought that enters my head. So I give you all a break ~.^

I also write a lot of my scheduled posts on the weekend.

15 thoughts on “How do you blog?

  1. I tend to schedule one post at a time and sometimes I publish right there and then. When I schedule, I have the same feelings as you. But then, I figured that people would be ok with it because most do the same, i assumed. I don’t know if they do, but this scheduling works better for me and I allocate a separate time for reading, like now.

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  2. It’s your blog, so write when you want. I know someone who publishes some of her posts at 3am US time (other posts around 3pm), but that’s because the writer has a large British following (so 3am my time is 8am British time).

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  3. 🙂 I write my blog posts during the week and schedule them for the weekends; preferably at 19:30 GMT (That method seems to work well for me).

    And, I might post a random blog post weekdays.


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