Thankful to be here and thankful to be me <3

I know that Thanksgiving Day is over, but I did a lot of thinking over the last couple of day.s Probably “helps” that my paranoia…thought I was having a heart attack. My left side chest was aching, but this has been happening a lot since I started taking cholesterol medication. When you wake up a lot earlier than your alarm, and when you had your massive panic attack in the middle of night and waking up. I tend to freak out a little more now when I just suddenly wake up. It bugs me something chronic,lol.

So I am literally thankful to be here, even though I am probably not really in harms way. I’m thankful to be me, because of me I’m still here. Even if I really do annoy myself with the paranoia,lol…Never said that I was perfect,lol…Is that REALLY up myself?lol…My New Years “pledge” may change that, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

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