Twitter Trouble #5 … Twitter Lessons

#TwitterLessons Whenever anyone says “I’ve never considered myself a D or a R, but I’m leaning more towards D or R” ALWAYS check their profile. Claudia’s profile is full of Trump parroting & anti-Obama,two posts in. She’s not even good at hiding her bullshit. Just like #Trump

*Once again, like yesterday. I wrote this last week. So Claudia has probably gone on…But she’s still full of it*


2 thoughts on “Twitter Trouble #5 … Twitter Lessons

  1. I agree. I find a ton of bots making these posts, too!

    The part I loved was “trump would be called a racist if he called blacks mentally ill”

    He’s said a lot more racist comments. I usually only hear the word “blacks” coming out of racist people’s mouths.

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