Don’t Ass…u…me those smarts!

Years ago before I stopped ultimately being friends with my now ex-friends. We had gotten into a argument that ultimately, for me, ended the friendship anyway. I just didn’t know how to let go. When you know people for more than half of your life, it’s kind of hard to just go “Bye, bye”.

My Regina George was an A+++ student who was so smart, she was a teachers pets, because she was a A+++ student. So the irony was of course, when I saw her get into relationship and after relationship, no matter how abusive, or how bad the guy was. It put me off wanting a relationship, because I figured if someone as smart as her could get into such horrible relationships. What chance was there for me?

So when she said those immortal words” I only told you all that stuff, because when I’m single, I’m miserable when you guys are all in relationships and happy. I’m only happy when you are miserable in your relationships.”

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I started to realise that I may never be an A+++ student, but I always be A+++ when it comes to my heart, and my personal safety, and my self esteem.

It’s also a good reason to never judge yourself, with someone else’s place in life. We are not all on the same journey. Neither are we all the same. So we are not going to have the same “smarts” about life either. That’s alright. I don’t think my Regina George is a bad person because she has low self-esteem. I think her narcissism is what makes her a bad person.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Ass…u…me those smarts!

  1. She actually admitted to only being happy when her “friends” were miserable in their relationships?? WOW!!!! I’m glad you’re not friends with her anymore. You deserve better! you deserve a friend who wants what’s best for you no matter what their relationship status is. You deserve a friend who is your cheerleader and wants you to be happy regardless of what kind of crap is going on in their life!! I’m sorry you had to deal with such a mean and narcissistic person!!

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  2. I had a friend like that in my early twenties. HAD.
    There are actually people that I still know – acquaintances – who live their lives the same way. They’re only happy when you’re miserable. How sad that someone’s heart can be like that!

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