Share Your World…11/11/19

Share Your World…11/11/19

Share Your World


  • Is copying and pasting images or information off the Internet plagiarism?   Do you credit those whose work you ‘borrow freely’ or do you think the idea is repugnant?   (Credit for this question goes to GC and Sue)

I always, ALWAYS, credit. If I can’t, I will always ask people that if they find out. Too please let me know as soon as possible. Also if I don’t know who the artist is, that’s why I put the message out there. I see a lot of Instagram accounts who put the picture up, not even a message to say I don’t know who this is. They get completely slammed,lol.

  • Do you let sleeping dogs lie?

As I’ve gotten older, it’s definitely been easier to do this. It also depends on what it is, if it’s something important sometimes it’s better to do something rather than wait.

  • What’s the strangest pet name (for adults) that you’ve ever heard someone called?

Daddy or Mummy…It’s creepy!

  • Do you like to dance?   If yes, what’s your favorite and if no, why not?

Oh yes, indeed I do! I did ballet for half my life. For the last couple of years that I did Ballet. I also did Spanish dancing and I loved it. I always dance, even though I don’t “officially” dance anymore.


Gratitude Question:

November brings Thanksgiving to Americans.  I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too, but I believe it’s in October.   Does your country celebrate a similar holiday?   If you’d like, share some traditions you observe around Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what are some traditions you have?

I don’t think we really have something like that in Australia.

2 thoughts on “Share Your World…11/11/19

  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! I’m envious of your ballet career. I always wanted to be a ballerina and eventually a prima donna ballerina. I’m far too ‘big’ (bones are very sturdy) to have ever achieved it, although my rhythm is spot on (I think). Now of course I can’t dance, so I chair dance. Something so freeing about dancing. Spanish dancing? Wow! Have a great week! 🙂

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