Thrifty Me and Thrifty You

If you follow moi on Instagram yesterday, you would have seen me post on the old Instagram of moi in some clothes from a “thrift shop” More namely ‘Save the Children’. I am surrounded by “thrift” shoppers and they always get these amazing things and deals. I don’t know why I haven’t gone into them more often! There’s a real nice one about a five minute walk from one of the places that I work at.

What I really love about Thrift/Charity shops is that the money is going to a different charity. Depending on where you shop obviously, some are for people, some are for your own countries, some help other countries, some help animals.

While I was waiting for a regular prescription, I decided to pop over to our local charity shop, and got a whole outfit for less then $10! I actually popped into see if they had a jar that I could have played with to make a “poison” bottle for my Wednesday Addams Halloween outfit.

Its been making me think though, since I went. What if I go to the more upmarket ones, I could probably find good gifts for Christmas? Even the little one near me had good enough stuff that I found a whole outfit, what if I took the time to actually look. I think of the stuff I have given to Charity for one reason or another, there’s something good stuff out there.

Who else is a “thrifty” shopper?


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8 thoughts on “Thrifty Me and Thrifty You

  1. I love charity shops. I like the concept of my money being put to good use, and I also like that I can get things for bargain prices because I actually really can’t always afford store prices! I have found many a treasure in these shops, and have gifted it to another. It should never be about cost, or where the gift came from, it should always be about the thought. In an ideal world, this would be so. I have to admit that I have family members who would turn up their noses as such a gift. So I suppose it depends on the recipient – but I find no fault in gift giving from charity 😉

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      1. Ya I know last Christmas I found a small marble table at Good Will for $25 I was gone get it for my brother but it was way way too heavy for either of us to move around but dame was it pretty just needed polished up.

        BY FOR NOW

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  2. I love charity shops. Since I was sixteen I have bought most of my clothes from charity shops. (Underwear and work shoes I buy new).
    I have found beautiful dresses, designer coats – all sorts – and so many with the labels still on, making me think they were never worn by the original purchaser.
    My favourite find was a beautiful windsmoor coat in mint condition I found for around £10. It would have cost hundreds originally. I picked up Burberry trench coat which just needed a button sewn on for £10. I could go on and on about all the items in my wardrobe that came from charity shops – big smiles!!!

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