Torn between two lovers

I am torn to be honest with you all, really torn. I get so frustrated by some Christians and really care about others. I’ve just been arguing with someone saying that Halloween is purely a “Christian” thing. No acknowledgement of where it came from, or rather “stolen” from. I was told because Pagans have never used the word “Halloween” or Hallows Eve”, Halloween didn’t come from Pagans/the Celtics…What kind of idiot would steal something from someone and call it the same thing though?

All through History, it’s always been the same thing. The Romans stole from the Greeks, the Greek stole from the Egyptians. So on and so forth. The Romans and Ancient Celtics took from each other.


4 thoughts on “Torn between two lovers

  1. You are so right! Halloween evolved from a pagan ritual. Many Christians believe it to be evil and against what God says in the Bible.

    Christmas is another holiday that borrows from the pagans and others, including the date.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder if they know how to google?

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  2. I can’t imagine anything more unchristian than Halloween – isn’t it completely the opposite???

    But you are so right…when you go to the British Museum, you see mother/son gods, trinity gods, use of the cross, halos, a priest class intervening between the gods and man, belief in an afterlife…the list is endless.

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