Trumpter Logic … Bad vs Bad

One thing that I’ve been noticing  a lot more lately with Trump supporters, is their incessant belief that we somehow all liked Trump before he became POTUS. “No one thought Trump was racist before he was POTUS” There were a lot of people who didn’t. I didn’t like him, I found “The Apprentice” entertaining, but it still didn’t make him like him more. He was also completely racist before he was POTUS. I feel like sometimes these people are just from a different planet,

7 thoughts on “Trumpter Logic … Bad vs Bad

  1. This “no one called him a racist before” stuff is part of their denial and of being part of a cult. Proof that he has always a racist was displayed on FB, Twitter, & the news.

    • Zealous commitment to the leader
    • Commitment reaches beyond mere admiration
    • Dissent is discouraged
    • Deny they’re in a cult
    • Mind-altering practices are used
    • Must seek permission for certain activities
    • Abide by Leader’s guidelines
    • The group thinks they’re on a mission to save humanity
    • leader and/or members think leader is God
    • the ends justify the means
    • strong us vs. them mentality
    • the leader is not accountable to other authority

    I don’t get them, really, either, even though, to me they are a cult.

    I like Dawn’s idea that they are from another planet! That would make sense.

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