Twitter Troubles #3 – Twitter Influencers

I’m going to start by saying this, I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this. But, please read it first, think about it and then make a comment. I am speaking from my personal experience, because of how myself and another friend were treated. I have now un-followed a lot of people who I would consider to be a “twitter influencer”.

What I mean personally, by a “twitter influencers” Is not necessarily a particular celebrity, but more someone whose made some kind of impact via Twitter. Rather than a singer, actor, reality tv show. Exactly like an Instagram influencer, but on Twitter,lol.

I am sure that I have written about my incident with a twitter influencer before. Too break it down, a friend of mine and I got into a argument with an “Liberal” on Twitter. You may have even heard of her. “Ohnoshetwint”? Anyway, for some unknown reason, she got really angry at us when we suggested, that in mean time, until voting happens. Too actually get out there. I even said to her “Can you imagine how amazing it would be if you could go to a Trump and drown out his hate speech out?” We got called all sorts of names, like incompetent “little bitch”. No idea WHY she got angry. She then got her followers to gang up on us. Just to find out that she’s going around saying how great it was all those people booing Trump…You know, like we had suggested she do?

After this incident, where she blocked us as well *rolls eyes* I guess the truth hurts sometimes. I’ve got like 900 followers and my friend has about 500 at the time. I have unfollowed a LOT of people.

I started to have “standards” so to speak.

  1. I find it funny when Trump supporters get offended by swearing and I do love it when people tell them to “F Off”. But when it’s someone’s ONLY response? Come on, we got to do better than that.
  2. If you’re “Don’t Vote Blue No Matter Who” supporter. Yes, do indeed vote blue no matter who. They’re not all prefect, but they are better than Trump! Remember people, the crazies are dedicated! They WILL show up.
  3. As above, if I can’t tell if you’re a Trump supporter or a purely “Bernie, Warren, Harris, Biden, Yang, Gabbard” ‘dedicated’ supporter, I’m probably going to unfollow you.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Troubles #3 – Twitter Influencers

  1. I couldn’t remember if I had read any of that person’s Tweets. So I went to Twitter to check things out.

    Her (?) Tweets are awful. Snide, rude. Condescending. Every one of them! She might as well be a Traitor trumpster!

    I saw comments saying she is hilarious. No, she’s just mean.

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