Adults, we need to talk.

I don’t know how many people saw recently about a parent complaining that the childrens’ bridal costume was offence because of child brides. The store took it down. I get child brides are a problem and no one has said that it’s not a “real” thing. We need to stop though putting adult issues on little kids. I sincerely hope that that parent did not tell their child that. Let them have their imaginations. I mean this for ANY adult, putting adult issues onto their children.

I mean this for any adult. I mean ANY. I saw recently having these dolls were you can swap heads, sort of like change gender, change hair styles. You know, kind of like a normal doll really,lol. If I could have swapped my barbies head, I probably would have. I also though don’t agree with parents who buy the dolls to force gender anything on a child. What if their child is straight?lol…I guess I don’t like extreme on any side. I don’t think it’s appropriate to force a child to live the “lifestyle” because you want.

I have a friend who wont buy her daughter anything pink, or any girl toys. Because she wants to bring her child up “gender neutral. What if her daughter likes pink though? If you’re gay, you are gay. If you’re straight, you are straight. No amount of forcing onto a child, changes that. My brother and I played barbies, he was the girl and I was the Ken and Aladdin doll. I was also the one who played the male cars, and he played the girls. He’s gay, I’m not,lol. I feel like we’re getting to an age where children might start to feel ashamed to “come out” as straight, as well as gay.

Let kids be kids. It’s okay to have both “boy” and “girl” toys.

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11 thoughts on “Adults, we need to talk.

  1. Political correctness simply means not using slurs, thinking of people as people and not stereotypes, and being respectful of people different from ourselves. I don’t think that can run amok.

    I don’t believe you can force someone truly to be someone they aren’t. We’ve seen that time and again with that awful Gay Conversion Therapy.

    Children should be able to play with toys they enjoy. My one daughter never wanted the “girl” toys. I taught her there are no “girl” or “boy” toys. Just toys. That went for all 3 kids.

    I think some parents are embarrassed if their child plays with toys of the opposite gender. As for the bride outfit, c’mon. Kids don’t know those complex issues exist. Let them play.

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      1. Right. They can just offer other choices more acceptable to the parents.

        I wouldn’t let my child dress as trump. They might not understand the reasons, but I wouldn’t allow that choice.

        I’ve thought about it and concluded many people have strong feelings about different things. Things they wouldn’t be comfortable dressing their child as.

        For me, nothing with guns. Nothing sexist, either. Others may scoff, and did at the time, but I did feel strongly about certain issues.

        I do agree there is no reason to explain it all to one so young.

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