I am still shocked

Despite everything that’s been happening…There are still Democrats who are still “Will not blue, whoever who”…or whatever,lol…If their candidates don’t get in, do they just not vote? Or do they vote for Trump. Because that’s what happened last time. The amount of people who were like “I don’t want Trump, but if my candidate doesn’t get in. I’m not voting.” How short are people’s memories?

I literally had someone say to me that “Not voting is voting” No, it’s not. Not voting is still not voting. It’s not like an incident where you know the person, like a break up or something and you ask them “Did you want to break up” and they say nothing. You don’t vote, you don’t vote. It’s how Trump got in last time. With people whining “I wanted Bernie or Jill Stein”.

4 thoughts on “I am still shocked

  1. Actually here in the US the people don’t vote in the president it’s the electorial college that votes in the president sometimes they go with the popular vote of the people and sometimes they don’t that is how Trump got in. 😒


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