Just a thought…

Do you think that anyone from the #GOP knows what a truth even is anymore? Or in fact a majority of Politicians? Thinking of our own Liberal Government here in Australia. Or the politicians in the UK…or in a lot of places really…Jacinda Arden, I like her. Isn’t that funny, the most beloved elected – politician of the moment is a woman. Considering that all these people say “How women are too emotional. Can’t lead” The most popular and most stable politician, is a woman…Who would have seen that one coming?

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2 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. As for the GOP, the not-a-president trump knows what the truth is, so does his cabinet, and GOP Congress people. That’s why they are all freaked out and either resigning or trying to cover their asses to avoid being sucked down into the hole of impeachment or indictment for all their trump involvement. The denials, cover-ups, the lies. They know the truth.

    The GOP supporters? Some know, but don’t care. Some are in the trump cult & only believe their Leader, so they don’t. It’s flabbergasting to listen to what illogical things some believe even when their Leader states the opposite live on camera.

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