Twitter Troubles #3

I had an interesting conservation on Twitter the other day. It all had to do with the climate change strikes. However this was one was based a group of strikers dancing. An “artist” (if you follow me on Twitter who would have seen my confusion). said and I quotes “Are they saving the planet yet, or is this just for their ego?” Lots of people agreed with this “artist”. I was confused for a couple of reasons.

  1. How does an “artist” not understand how protesting, movements and inspiration even works?
  2. Funny how they talked about “ego, when they clearly assume that the protests are to “appease” someone like him. Rather than trying to get Government and big Business to listen.
  3. I got even more confused when they posted a picture of people at protest and asked “Do they even understand”. I can’t actually answer, because I don’t know those people? So I informed him, again, that they’re not trying to appeal to the individual necessarily, that it’s about bringing attention the Government and big business. Not the individual.
  4. So I told him it’s his responsibility to look into it, because they’re not doing it for him.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Troubles #3

  1. Most people do it to save the planet I’m sure. The stakes are too high. Some people probably go to protests to look as though they are cool and revolutionary as well though 😏 Hopefully those in power will listen!

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  2. Protesters chant & sing. I don’t think dancing is for their ego. These things are done to bring attention to the cause. Media attention. A few people may go to look cool, but to whom? Individuals rarely are seen for little less than seconds in media.

    Protesting can be difficult. The weather isn’t usually ideal. There is normally quite a bit of walking. My legs gave out once. Or lots of standing. There are speakers at big protests & some protests last all day.

    I really think the dancing is great. It is something different, causes discussion, and could be something celebrating the people who came out and for the cause.

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