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  1. I know what you mean here and we’re facing a similar thing in the UK possibly in the near future.
    But I think I would have to vote anyway. Personally I think think it should be compulsory with an abstain vote and if that rules then they all have to go back and try again.

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  2. In the U.S., maybe it would help to realize that there are more than “two sides”? Granted, Green and Libertarian Party candidates tend not to have a chance of winning an election, but if one is unhappy with the “two sides” there is often an option to vote for a third side (not necessarily an endorsement of any party by the way, just a statement of fact).


  3. I think not voting and not picking or going with a third party when Donald Trump was one of the two main candidates helped put him in the WH. Even with his blatant cheating.

    Clinton has been maligned for decades. Younger people might have believed much of the lies. Trump was corrupt and known to be so. Clinton wasn’t corrupt.

    In this kind of election it’s important to vote.

    If Republicans can’t vote for trump & just can’t vote for any Dem, shame on them.

    Voting is a civic duty & a time for citizens to have some say in local, state, & federal representation.

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    1. That’s one of the things that got with me with Trump, he’s always been an conman. You just have to ask the workers of the buildings that either failed or didn’t even finished getting built,lol. Let alone all his accusations of Obama and POC in general for his whole life.

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