Age vs Maturity

I think that the climate strike rallies/protests really proved something. The reactions to people like Greta Thumberg. Just because your “old” doesn’t automatically make you a more mature human being. Take Alan Jones, he NEARLY…NEARLY…Mind you…lost his job for saying that the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden needed to have a sock pushed down her throat…It was apparently his last chance, despite saying even worse things previously…Then less than a month later we had this…


5 thoughts on “Age vs Maturity

  1. This kind of criticism is ridiculous. I’ve read some calling Greta “retarded” and being used to promote their agenda since she couldn’t possibly understand what she’s saying! Disgusting.
    Being this immature at any age because a much younger girl disagrees with your “facts” (opinions) is just shameful!

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