Got It!

I think I finally understand why Trump supporters drive me so nuts! It’s all thanks to Dorian. When the whole Trump and Dorian first happened, my co-workers, friends and I were all laughing about it….Until…Not only did Trump double down, instead of correcting himself. But then you find out that they made the NOAA agree WITH Trump!

Then it stopped being funny…again.

Then you had all these Trump supporters saying how pathetic and irrelevant for News outlets to report this? Not the 73 YEAR OLD ADULT constantly doubling down on his mistake, not the NOAA repeating the Presidents incorrect and dangerous information.

No the reporters, reporting on it. They’re the ones being pathetic and not being able to let that Trump got elected go.

Then it hit me. Do they EVER just go “Trump made a mistake and he should let it go” Like, you know, an ADULT! We expect better from 5 year olds! Let alone a 73 year old “leader”. Is that what you teach your children? If you make a mistake double down on it? Make other people agree with your misinformation?

The SAME people who wanted Obama’s head for wearing a tan suit. Are okay with with an even OLDER person making a life threatening mistake and then double down it.

Brian Selter recently made a tweet about how disappointed he was in the POTUS for calling the US media a “joke of the world” Too some extent though…and I really hate to say it…He’s kind of right. How often does Trump get called out for his lies? You had one Trump adviser admit he’d always lie to the media, so every single station had him on…Why? I mean if someone said to me I will always lie to you, I’m not going to start talking to them…I thought that would be just common sense.

7 thoughts on “Got It!

  1. I don’t understand them at all. There is no logic to it. I have heard he was ordained by God to “save” the US from liberals and bring the country back to a Christian nation. Uh…

    They say, yes we know he’s a sinner and we don’t always like how he speaks and yes, he sometimes (ha) lies, but no one is perfect and God forgives.

    Besides, look at that great economy and jobs! Even though he pretty much did nothing for the economy (tariffs don’t help). The economy was still improving from Obama’s work. They would NEVER accept that.

    Anyway, it’s the trumpsters hypocrisy and lack of logic that gets me. Why the GOP is so sickenly devoted is beyond me.

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