Twitter Trouble 1#

I’m going to write/talk about my situations on Twitter. God knows, how toxic it is on there!lol…See if I’m being silly or overreacting, or perhaps you can even help me understand?

This happened a few days, probably a week or so before the climate strikes. Basically I USED to follow a Twitter account, right up until they become derogatory and demeaning just because we made a suggestion to do more than Tweet? We said if they really wanted to make a impact, get out and protest. Like Kapernick, like Greta etc. I didn’t expect the violtile that came with making that suggestion. One guy I was standing up for was called a “little bitch” just because he made the suggestion to do more than tweet. I was called incompetent for not being able to “vote and tweet” at the same time, even though that’s not what we were saying…At all? (I also can do this).

This “person” also decided to send her followers to attack us…Why? It was ODD. This was by a supposed “Leftie” and Liberal. All we were saying was if you don’t like how it’s going, be proactive. Like Moms Demand, like Kapernick, like Greta Thumberg. Against all these odds, they are actually changing things. Wouldn’t they feel better for it?

I truly do not understand why they took it so personally, I’ve seen less of an emotional reaction from Trump supporters. There was no way I could keep following this person and I most certainly do not have any respect for them.

Basically it made them sound like they are the ones who can’t tweet and vote. It wasn’t just that it was that they “spoke” and tried to get people to gang up on us. Which has never been a way to change my mind. They were also derogatory over a simple suggestion? Not even a horrible suggestion at that! Who wouldn’t want to be immortalise for helping the planet?

It also showed how easily led people can be on Twitter as well, especially if you have a massive ego. This person started to delete comments when other people started to agree with us. But it was also the surprise that people were liking her derogatory comments, despite no proof of what she said? We were literally saying to do MORE and we were the incompetent ones…Because we can do more than them? It was bizarre!lol

I’ll just finish off by saying don’t make suggestions to “The Volatile Mermaid” she doesn’t actually want to know,lol…She’s definitely Volatile, but no Disney Mermaid in her whatsoever!

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