Nurt Thurs – Your Body

Nurture Thursday – Your Body

Your Body is as Real as you are!

I really do detest that term “real women” or “real man” or “genuine girl” or “genuine guy”. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. My body is as real as yours, as Chris Hemsworth, as Kate Moss’s…I wish it was more like Megan Gales, but my body is still as real as hers too! Your body is YOURS! I do believe it is harder to stay fitter in this day and age, everything is sprayed or mixed with some chemical or process. When it’s $1 for a burger, but nearly $10 for a pre-made salad. People don’t have the time to spend all day making food, I get it and I don’t,lol.

But every single body is “real”. Abled, disabled, chunky, skinny…We are ALL real. Currently at the moment, I am uncomfortable in my own body. I took off weight during Winter, but I’ve put it back on again. So I’m doing exercises again. I’m never going to dedicated myself the way Megan Gale does, but both of our bodies are still REAL. We’re not living in an alternate reality.

I guess this wasn’t necessarily about my body, but about bodies in general,lol.





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