What makes you a good person?…Magical Monday #6

Do any of you have any one in your life where they’ll do one of those inspirational type posts or quote, but they are the complete opposite of that quote? I’ve known a few people who are bad biotches, and not in the “cool” way. They’re just bad. Yet,they post things about how you treat others and how they treat others…Or at least, how they think they treat others. Our managers, as an example, at work are pretty much breaking Laws with how badly they treat their workers. Yet, they’re “skype” banners are all about how well a manager should treat their staff.

Have you ever heard of that saying about how if you have to tell everyone what kind of person you are, you’re probably not that person? Like those guys who call themselves “good guys” ALL the time, but they’re not?lol

But, here today, I want to talk to you, about what you think makes you a good person? Or what good do you look for in others? Let’s not be shy! Go for it!


7 thoughts on “What makes you a good person?…Magical Monday #6

  1. I constantly say this about Trump. Good people don’t talk about how good they are!! They might mention a few good deeds, especially on their blog if they are trying to get their point across but they certainly don’t say “I’m the best at xyz and I’m above so & so.” Good people don’t think like that. Altruism vs. Narcissism. It’s one thing to be proud of your work & confident, it’s a whole other thing to think your work or yourself is better and above anyone else. I think that’s what makes people good. ❤

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  2. If you’re a good person you don’t need to brag about being a good person because people already know your a good person, if you’re a peace of 💩 you need to brag about being a good person in hopes that someone will believe you for 2 seconds at least.


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