Much needed therapy

So sometimes one needs a little extra help. Today I am headed off to see my Therapist for about a year. By the time you read this, I will have already seen my Therapist. I really wish I could talk to her every single day!

I’m not ashamed to see a Therapist, we all need help every now and then. I’ve had a weird month and I’m doing better. But it’s always good to talk to someone who actually has some experience in the area and you don’t feel like you’re burdening anyone. This is what they do. The other reason I like speaking with her as well though, is because it re-motivates me. Sometimes I get bored or feel stuck in a rut and feel like old things don’t work for me as well anymore. She reminds me, that they do.

Nothing wrong with a little help ❤






7 thoughts on “Much needed therapy

  1. Nothing wrong and a lot right with a little help!

    I go to my therapist tomorrow. For me sometimes it’s a place I can voice my fears & insecurities. Regroup for the week. Learn to say no and not spread myself too thin.

    I think it’s a positive in my life! Love the post.

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  2. I don’t feel there’s any shame in seeing a therapist. I see a therapist these days as well. Not only is it beneficial, but it also prevents me from “bugging” friends with those deeper issues that most don’t need to be bombarded with. My friends have lives, and I understand this, so I tend to keep my sharing with them regarding my problems sort of general in nature.

    My reason for seeing a therapist stem from the death of my fiancé just over three years ago. We’d know one another for over thirty years prior to dating and becoming engaged. By the very definition, you might call her my “soulmate”, if you’ll excuse the cliché. It was – and remains – the most profoundly painful loss I’ve ever experienced. Anniversaries are the worst time of year and I’m grateful to have therapist to turn to during those bitter milestones.

    I applaud your bravery for sharing your own experience and dealings with a therapist. Thank you for this post.

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