When my parents split up, it wasn’t them splitting up that made things worse. It was all the adults reactions to my parents splitting up. When my parents split up, about 100% of the adults told me that I had to support my Mum and that I had to take her side. Now I don’t know if you know…That is just a no no. You NEVER tell a child to take any parents side.

  1. The children, living under the roof, are more likely to know than you what’s been going on. I know my can be Dad is shit, but I still love him.
  2. Children probably still love both their parents.
  3. The children don’t break up with their parents.

With my own situation because people kept telling me that I HAD to take my Mums side. I literally felt like I had no one to talk about my Dad and what he was going through. I was 12 when my parents split up and apart from being bullied two years before hand. I had never experienced anything bad before. Too suddenly become the parent and have to take care of one, while the other was really revelling in the attention and loving it, ignoring our pain. Was hard.

Too make matters worse, I had no ask me if I was alright. So at 12, my mum’s ignoring me, my Dad is telling me if I don’t tell my Mum he loves her, he’ll kill himself and no one is asking me how I’m coping. I’m still sure that’s the whole reason to this DAY, I can’t ask for help,lol.



7 thoughts on “Blame

  1. What a horrible experience. I’m sorry you went through that.
    When I got divorced we were required to go to a day long class about how the divorce could affect our kids, what we should do to minimize problems, etc. We had to go together. No divorce until we got a certificate of completion.
    My parents should have divorced, but didn’t. It’s a different kind of trauma.
    Being ignored and used in your situation is just awful.

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