I don’t want to make people sad on a Monday with this post.

I’m sure that I am not the only one who think this. Do you ever wonder if people are proud of you? I don’t people, now, in this moment. I wonder about people who have already passed. I always wonder if my life would have been very different if my Great grand-father was still here. He loved me. I wonder sometimes wonder if he’s looking over me, proud of what I’m doing. Would he approve of me speaking out about politics now. He was a deep thinker, he didn’t really agree with a lot of Religion but admired the Ancient Romans and Greeks. We later found out he was learning Greek to travel to Greece. Is he happy with how how far I’m “conquering” my mental health.

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5 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. There’s no need to be sad over this, I’m sure he is proud of you. Proud becasue you have your own mind and willing to share it. Because you have your challenges and trying to conquer them. He loved you and that’s all that mattered.
    It’s not the destination that counts don’t they say?
    HAve a great week and happy new month 🙂

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