Nurt Thurs – Thief!

Nurture Thursday – Is this thief lurking?

I have to admit that the last month or so, since I started taking my cholesterol medication. I have felt like my joy has gone a bit. I get so angry because I wish I hadn’t been pushed into getting tested for it. Especially when I was still trying to deal with my anxiety. It was all to make other people happy, but it’s brought me nothing but misery. I am constantly worried now that the the tablets wont work. I tried changing my lifestyle, but it only went down a little. So now I am on tablets. But I hate it, what if these don’t work? I don’t get tested again until November.

I should have waited a couple more years to get tested. I live in constant tension, which probably doesn’t help. I have already made an appointment to go back to my therapist, when I hadn’t had to see them for about a year. I’ll probably have to go back on anxiety medication.

Listen to yourself! If you don”t…Your joy could be stolen away from you!

2 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Thief!

  1. Hay dear, if you had waited you may not be here high cholesterol can couse a heart attach and other problems, cholesterol meds will bring it down so there’s no need to get worked up over it, tell that naging angziaty to F off and relax.


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