Never Write?

I wont get into too much detail about what prompted me to write this post, but I was upset, thinking about something that’s very personal and something I would never actually admit too. The main reason for that though, is because I know people are watching me. Nothing disturbing mind you. Just like, for example. I recently had to delete an Instagram post because I got so infuriated with a comment.

Mental Health condition aren’t a competition and with all the information about what not to say to people with any kind of mental health, there’s no excuse not to know. Unless your Fox news programs fans I suppose. So my post had been about how I was nervous about not being able to cope with the current busy period at work. I’m a casual, so sometimes you may have  a whole week off and my anxiety has been bad lately. Somebody made the comment “Well think about your Mother, she already works full time”. Like f off…I am very well aware that my OWN mother works full time, but what does that have ANYTHING to do with what I was talking about? What, I should shut up about MY fears, because somebody else does it? I deleted the whole post, otherwise I knew that I was going to say something really snarky, like “Oh really? I didn’t MY mother works full time…That’s where she goes all day”

As you can imagine that put me right off.

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