International Day of Friendship

Friendship Day is a day in mostly Latin American and Asian countries for celebrating friendship. It was first proposed in 1958 in Paraguay as the ‘International Friendship Day’. Amercia did actually start one in the 30’s on August the 2nd by Hallmark. However, it was seen by many to be tacky and just a money making type event, so it faded out. In 2011, it was declared an International Day by the United Nations.

Homer Simpson Episode 22 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Homer Simpson Episode 22 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So, what even is friendship?

I guess it depends what friendship means to you. Too some friendship is someone who you meet regularly. Too some friendship may be the family you choose. Too some friends are people who you just do not need, but rather it’s a privilege to be your friend.

Some of us love our friends, some of us have been burnt by our friends. Some of us were burnt and now we’ve recovered and are much better off now. Some of us are making new friends as we speak. Some of us are starting to end friendships as we speak.

What does friendship mean to me?

I honestly don’t even know how to answer my own question. Since being burnt a couple of years ago, I’ve learnt that I only need and want friends in my life, who are actually “friends” to not only myself, but others. It’s one big lesson I learnt, if they’re being nasty and mean about other people being their backs, whats to say they’re not doing it too you? I mean these girls would gossip about each other, how they didn’t agree with something one of the others did. I am pretty sure no one likes one girl, but no one says anything to her about her behavior. So the “circle of hell” continues,lol.

If you are friends to your friends behind their backs, as well as their faces. You are the type of friend I want.


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