The Little Mermaid

I’m just going to start this of with saying…Oh my god, sometimes, I am REALLY ashamed to have the same skin colour as some really stupid people.

I am one of those people who honestly do not give two hoots about the skin colour, or even the hair colour of Ariel. Now I admit if they had changed Belle, I would have disappointed, but that’s mainly because I relate to her in not just her personality, but her looks. However, if the main premise of the character had been the same, I would have still loved her. Then you start thinking, this is what it means to mean to be a POC in Disney.

Let’s be real here, the whole point of Disney “The Little Mermaid” is that Ariel feel excluded, from a certain part of the World. She wants to be able to participate with the same experiences that these mysterious land people do. Then she becomes apart of their World and find she has no voice…Now which group of people does THAT sound like?

Why can’t these people see the irony of telling a black girl, that she can’t be “part of their world”?



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