Recently I have discovered the “Mute” button on Twitter and i haven’t been happier!

I decided that the type of people I was going to mute where the type of people who are actually well-known, but that’s it. They actually have no real influence on the community and/or they just repeat what they’ve been told. For example, I have recently muted Tomi Lahren. It has been glorious!

I started to think why am I even listening to her? What does Tomi Lahren have to offer, anybody. Other than to parrot what she’s been told? I don’t think she’s done an ounce of research into anything and literally repeats the insults that Trump says. She can’t even come up with her own, that’s how dumb she is! So why am I still listening to her? The “breaking point” for me was when she called Former President Jimmy Carter “jealous” of Trump.

Jealous! Of Trump!

Jealous of what?

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So that’s when I went “For the love of God, why are any of us listening to her?” and pressed that mute button…I’m telling you it has started to make things a lot easier for me on Twitter. So I started to do it, to anyone who is nothing more than a talking box.

So some people I’ve muted and feel the better for it are:

Anne Coulter: The last thing I saw her write was that she was going to enjoy ruining Soccer for everyone. As a lot pointed out to her. How? That the only way she could ruin soccer was by playing in the team.

Piers Morgan

Why am I writing this?

I think that it’s an important message to get out there. Too just mute people who are basically nothing. The comments that were being made towards Anne Coulter, were completely on track. How on EARTH can she ruin soccer for people? Other than playing in it. I feel like we give too much power to these nothingness type people. Pier Morgan is just a morning show host. He’s not actually doing anything, he states his opinion…a lot.

They are not leaders of countries, hell, some of them are only Leaders of their own little World. Apart from people who already think their particular way, they don’t really DO anything.

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