Civil vs Uncivil.

So what happened to civility? I don’t mean alt-right civility…I mean why is alright for the alt-right to say things like they enjoy seeing the “Lefties” suffer, or blame children dying in camps on parents…But you swear, watch out!



  1. 1.
    relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.
  2. 2.
    courteous and polite.
    “they were comparatively civil to their daughter”
    synonyms: politecourteouswell manneredwell bredgentlemanlychivalrousgallantladylikegraciousrespectfulMore
    Can anyone point where say your enjoying the suffering of fellow Americans is civil?

Being civil has nothing to do with swearing, the enjoyment of suffering of fellow human beings is. You don’t get the upper hand on civility when you start off a comment with “I enjoy the tears of or the suffering of…” I think most of those sort of people will find people swearing at them when you go around saying “I enjoy the suffering” etc.

It’s also completely abnormal to enjoy the suffering of other people because you disagree. 

Take that idiot (uncivil) Israel Folau. Not only did he keep up with spreading hate of the LGBT community (uncivil). But NOW…(I seriously cannot believe it) This multi-millionaire ex-football player has gone to Go Fund Me to ask people to turn over their cash to pay for his legal fees. (uncivil). He wants people to pay to support his hate? A multi-millionaire. (uncivil).

I feel like the actual uncivil people are losing their minds!

*Update* Folau page has been taken down…Some systems work! I’m starting to think that Folau doesn’t know how to read. Like, seriously. He always seems to skip over the Terms and Conditions.

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