The Blame

So I’m alright…But I had a thought the other day…I don’t think anyone has ever apologised to me? For anything. You ever just have those moments where you think “Wait a minute…” Why is it always my fault? Even when it’s not actually?

Human beings are an interesting lot.

I started to realise over the last few months that I get blamed for a lot of things that I don’t think I’m responsible for. If I tell you “Don’t do that” and you do, isn’t that your fault? But the thing that’s interesting thing to me, is that it’s always by the people who tell me that I need to speak up more. So when I’m quiet I’m wrong, when I speak up I am also wrong.

No wonder I never know if I am coming and going with people.

I expect it with certain groups of people, where it’s okay for them to do it. Just not anyone else. ie Kyle Kashauv…(I think that name is wrong. I mean Trump supporters). The same people who had no problem with the police shooting and killing Tamir Rice. Now have a problem with rejecting someone based on their lack of character (Something Harvard have done previously). The SAME people who attacked the kids of the Parkland Shooting. Now are saying “Why do lefties always attack children”. I have decided to put Dana Loesch on permanent mute.

I feel like I’m not even a mother yet, and everything is my fault,lol

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