Tricky, tricky

How many of you have problems with potential future-in-laws? I had to really restrain myself recently. I’ll first explain the History behind the story.

A few years ago my partners brother and his family came over at Christmas time. My Dad who is pretty English and makes fun of his faults all the time. Said something to one of their kids and he called him “Four Eyes”. The kid has just started wearing glasses. Here’s the clinch though, my Dad wears glasses all the time. So my Dad tends to make this joke all the time. It’s like a joke in our family, because well we do. I am the only who doesn’t wear glasses for the time being. When I do I will be making jokes at myself and my “four eyes”, putting my spare eyes to bed. That sort of thing.

We make fun of our faults, because we’ve all been bullied in our family. We learnt very quickly to embrace our faults. Because it gives us, well we think, power. You can’t hurt someone if they’re like “Yeah…and?”. It’s kind of like the whole reason people paying out Trump is funny, is partly because he has no idea how to make fun of himself. He does this really easy and stupid things, but gets so easily offended. My mum used to get bullied about her bunny teeth, as does my brother. I’ve got vampire teeth,lol. You can either end up in a heap or grow from it.

As I continue, my Dad’s intentions were not at all to bully the kid. It was to make a familiar joke with them. But the other problem my partner brother and sister-in-law are the worst helicopter parents you’ll ever met. They teach me what not to do. I get why they are the way they are, but they have never really done their kids any favours.

Anyway, they said NOTHING to me but they did stop going and staying at my partners house. Over time I found out it was because my Dad had said that and they had a problem with it. I only found out because my partner told me, not because they had a conversation with me about it. When my partner told me I said “They know my Dad was wearing glasses too…right?” But ultimately if they weren’t going to talk to me about it, I wouldn’t say anything. My partner didn’t mind because he knows my Dad and he knows about they helicoptering parenting. And he doesn’t actually like people staying at his house,lol

This is was about two years-three years ago?

About two weeks ago I saw her write a status about their youngest now having glasses and how someone his age made a comment about it…Which, I don’t know WHY they focus on ONE person so much. However, the comment she wrote under the post is what REALLY pissed me off.

“However, it wasn’t half as bad as a grown man calling ” kids name” four eyes.” Omitting all details. You know how my Dad also wears glasses. She was making it sound like my Dad had bullied her kid. I was proud of myself that I restrained myself, because she didn’t say it was my Dad and I wasn’t sure that she knew that I knew…If you know what I mean? It was so frustrating though because once again, ignoring what she said about my Dad…She wrote a post focusing on the ONE negative comment.

Now though I feel like I’m in a really horrible position, I don’t want to see them. Luckily they live interstate, but I don’t think I can be around them. When it happened, I was at my partners house and I just left. I just had too…You know? I thought when I told him what happened he’d break up with me. We’re not married or have kids. If something did happen, he’d have to take their side.

He didn’t break up with me,lol…He’s annoyed at them though. He sees both sides, but he’s not impressed that they’re saying these things when it happened so long ago and they’ve never said anything to me. He’s more worried because there are two aunts already in his family, if one’s at a function the other wont turn up. He’s kind of right, I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Now I feel stuck,lol….I just know that if I see them any time soon, I may lose my mind…and my mouth.

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