Don’t label me!

Has anyone noticed lately that the Right have started a new “thing”.

They say something actually homophobic or similar and then say stop labelling them as exactly what they are. For example, take “Bishop of Tyler”.

Too break it down Bishop J Tobin said that “true” Believers of God were not to participate in the LGBT pride month. That homosexuals are harmful to families and children (Oh, I burst you laughing at that one).

Or like Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying she feels “uncomfortable” being called a liar. Then the very next day made a statement that was a lie about Obama being involved in the Russians and didn’t care about it. Even though the GOP have denied that Russians have been involved with in the White House whatsoever. With proof that Obama was concerned about it.

So why should people stop labelling people with exactly what they’re doing? If you don’t like the label, maybe you should look at yourself again?

I actually got into a discussion with a pro-lifer about how can you talk to people, when you’re pro-life, without others calling you anti-choice. As I explained, that is exactly what they are. Saying “no matter what, you will not allow people to have an abortion” Takes away their choice. How is that “pro-choice”?


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