Listen 3/2

I realised I never finished the 2/2 post. Listen 2/2

The point of my last two “Listen” points was this…I swear this is that this is the last point about this.

I think a lot of my issues, but especially with my ex friends. I think that there issues were I just assumed that A) When I talked to Karen about Gretchen, she had actually heard what I had said. B) I didn’t think I had to tell ADULTS how to treat other beings. Especially when other people are literally saying to them “We never see you anymore” C) In hindsight, they did tend to make it all about them.

As I mentioned in the last post, just because you don’t hear what someone has said, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been said.

That’s my issues…a lot of what I say isn’t heard, even though I have literally said:

  • Telling Karen I don’t like the way Gretchen constantly attacked me. Then I get accused of being passive aggressive.
  • Telling my mum I only like a certain type of pyjama, and the very next week. She’s buys me ANOTHER pair after we had just bought myself a pair.. Big fight because apparently “she just gets it wrong”…Well yeah you did. The material was wrong, I had just gotten a pair the week before and she bought it from a store I’ve always been told we’re not allowed to go in? I had also TOLD her that I only like a certain material with pyjamas.
  • My Dad went to help with my partners leak. I told him NOT to touch the tap, he touched it. The hot water turned off. Should probably mention my partners house, he’s renting it. So if it had broke, broken…My partner would be up for it.

My problem is, people aren’t listening to me and don’t like it when I point it out, or just plain do not listen and don’t like it when I want better for myself. Are the same people who go on about how I have to speak up more.

It is very confusing to be me.

5 thoughts on “Listen 3/2

  1. I know how you feel at times it’s like I dint exist. One thing that might work a bit it’s to use positive instructions. You said don’t touch the tap, turning that into a positive instruction of leave the tap alone might have worked.

    Dunno… But worth trying. It’s like the don’t press the big red button thing. As soon as you say it there’s nothing more they want to do.

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    1. My Dad wont listen to anyone to be honest,lol. My Dad started calling my brother selfish because my brother said that he doesn’t want presents for his birthday? He can’t really afford to buy things. So he didn’t want anyone to get him presents, because he wont be able to afford one for them. My Dad’s like “He can’t even spend $30 dollars on us?” Like somehow that’s not being selfish?lol

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    1. It was actually a good thing my Mum and I in the end because I feel she actually listens to me now. I broke down and I said “I don’t know why you’re having a go at me, like I’m the one who didn’t listen to me” and I think she actually heard that. I also told her what I’ve basically written in this post.


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