Losing My Mind

*I am inserting a big trigger warning here. I have not proofread this post in any way. I wrote this, just thinking. I got so upset writing this. If you are having a bad mental health day, do not read this until you are ready…You are here, we are listening.*

Maybe I should say other people are losing their minds? Do you ever read something about something like mental health…They clearly are not getting it and then say something about “Ask for help”…People with mental health issues, their brains are not wired “right” (I hope I write this right without offending anyone). If it was wired the “right way” we wouldn’t have mental health issues, we wouldn’t have depression, we wouldn’t have anxiety. It worries me when people say people who commit suicide are “selfish”. How is not being more compassionate and understanding, they literally cannot help it not being selfish yourself?

They have an ‘excuse’, you do not. You’re brain has been wired without the issues that we have. People who suffer from mental health are killing themselves in their brains every single day. Those with severe depression CANNOT HELP IT.

Suicide is NOT selfish. They literally don’t understand. If you’re going around calling people like that “selfish” they are not going to go to you for help. Because that is the LAST thing they need to hear and feel.

Instead of saying selfish…I can’t even finish that, just don’t say it. The people who are left do not need to hear that. I don’t want to write about this again. It makes me very angry, because it makes me feel like the couple of times I’ve had bad moments I’m being selfish. Despite fighting it. But I am also lucky in that my brain is luckily, not that severely wired.

I get being angry at those who committed suicide, especially if you “don’t get it”. It’s not as simple as thinking of something that makes you happy and that fixes it. Don’t you think if it was, there wouldn’t be any suicide? It’s clearly not a simple thing. No, they don’t think of you, because that’s not what it’s about. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Instead of making those feel ashamed, try teaching people and saying “I am here…24/7.” But don’t just say it, MEAN IT.

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