Aladdin – Live Action

This is a kind of review, but more what…too me…Disney represents to me.

*I will warn that there are spoilers. Mainly because I felt like they missed out on some really important issues*

The live action was…alright…It was kind of slow to start off with, but got better. I will warn though. The ending was ruined for me when the ending credits started off with that classic line “Dj Khalid”.

The start was confusing for me, it started of with Aladdin and Jasmine already being chased through the city. So you miss out on the whole seeing Jasmine being trapped in the palace. I’m not kidding you’ll probably realise halfway through “Oh wait, that’s supposed to be Jasmine” because you don’t expect to see her. It was disorientating, and for myself. It made the first “Do you trust me”line, which makes me faint…It ruined it, because it just doesn’t have the same impact. They put no focus on it. If this live action movie was the first one “Aladdin” type movie you saw, you wouldn’t know how badly trapped she felt. It’s not until later that they even explore that. When the next “Do you trust me line” happened, it just doesn’t have that impact that it does. It was only because I know about how much the first “trust me” line SHOULD have had impact, that I even got the second one.

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Then there’s the whole Jasmine becoming Sultan instead of Aladdin. Now I am all for feminist, but this was just stupid. Disney have very simple messages. The movie is called ALADDIN not Jasmine. The animated Jasmine is one of my top 3 Princesses (1) Belle 2) Pocahontas and 3) Jasmine). The WHOLE point of Aladdin is to show how someone comes from stealing (nothing) to Sultan, based on him being himself, being “The Diamond in the Rough”. Not Jasmine coming from privilege to more privilege. Aladdin becomes Sultan because of being who he is. A good and worthy person.


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Disney have PLENTY of Princesses, this one is for the fellas.

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The Jasmine songs, the first one was alright. The second one though…I felt…Well I felt uncomfortable. I wanted it over and done with.

2 thoughts on “Aladdin – Live Action

  1. Sounds like a rare Disney misfire! Personally, I’m much more heavily invested in The Lion King, which is one of my all time favourite films, and I am both extremely excited and nervous at the same for that. In fact, after what you’ve had to say about the way in which Aladdin has changed, I’m even more nervous!

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    1. I heard after the movie that they didn’t put “Allah” in the Live Action movie. Unlike in the animated movie, where I think it’s the Sultan says it a couple of times? The problem is racists probably aren’t going to see this movie to begin with.
      You know what irritates. I honestly am starting to think that they did it to “soothe” the racists. Who most likely wouldn’t see it anyway? They may have not “white washed” the characters, but I suspect they did to the actual movie itself. Which is SO frustrating, Aladdin, like most Disney films, is a positive movie. I think they actually went to “PC”.
      Saying all that I am more anticipating “The Lion King” too. Apart from Beauty and the Beast, Lion King is probably my favourite too =D

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