Listen 2/2

Last week I wrote about that all I had wanted for my birthday was to be listened, and even though telling people what I wanted and didn’t want. They still didn’t at all “get it”. You can see it here…Because not only did they not get it, but that I was the one in the wrong for them not listening.

Now, I am continuing with writing about why the best present I could have received this year was the one of being listened too.

I recently wrote about and told some people who then got…weird…Mainly that I finally BELIEVED that no matter what the “Mean Girls” wrote about me, no matter how long they stayed friends for. I will always be the better friend.

When the day had come that we had all stopped being friends with each other. What I had been most irritated about was what they were accusing me of. Basically, everything they said was…

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  • Regina said that she doesn’t like being attacked. One, I wasn’t attacking anyone, I literally wrote a note that was about how I NEEDED to start taking better care of myself and my mental health. I wrote about how I ended up in hospital (which at that point none of them knew about because I didn’t trust them. I still don’t think they know).
  • The funny thing about what Regina said. Two years previous and the time that I started to decide “I don’t like these people”. I had gotten into a argument with her because instead of blaming herself or her boyfriend for his abuse (like “normal” people do). Nope, she decided to blame me because I was single and when she’s single she doesn’t like hearing how happy we are. Our friend “Karen” then decided to start posting passive aggressive posts about how “real friends” are there for each other. I was left out, of course. So when I confronted Karen and the others they all said “It’s just who she is”. So apparently it’s fine that I get blamed and attacked?
  • The day of the last time I had anything to do with them. I also got attacked by Karen saying how she doesn’t ‘respect’ the passive aggressive…Well I guess she doesn’t respect herself very much or Gretchen or Regina. The laughable thing was, I had a whole conversation with Karen about how much I was over Gretchen being a bitch to me, just because “that’ the way she is”. So even if my note had anything to do with them, it’s not like she didn’t know how I felt already?

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  • Also though, regarding Karen. Karen, like the character, is actually really vague about…well, everything…and that in turns makes her passive aggressive. She had honestly spent the last two years telling us she was “too busy” and then would spend all night, on Facebook, posting to her new friends. Gretchen was telling her all the time “We never see you anymore”. But the even worse thing was, a few years before that had happened. Karen had someone do exactly what she was doing to us, to her. So for her not to even “get it”…Well, I didn’t respect that.

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  • I didn’t care that Karen had decided to take that path, it was a reflection on her, not us. I have just never understood how though she never “got it”. I am not someone who begs you to be around me, but when I’m the one that has to try and unhurt the hurt you’re causing. When you are ignoring the people who obviously miss you. When you are blatantly rubbing in their faces that you think these new friends are better than them. You don’t get to turn around to me and say “I don’t respect the passive aggressiveness”.

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Just because someone said something you didn’t want to hear…Doesn’t mean, they didn’t say it.

No idea who said that,lol

My point is this:


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