Stop with the adolescent “crushes”.

Over last weekend Justin Bieber decided to post a picture, that literally made me throw up. It’s like the time the Kardashians thought it’d be a really good idea to not only put metal and rock legendary stars on their t-shirts AND without their permission.

not legendary
NOT Legendary

Bieber also went to say how Chris Brown hitting Rihanna was a “mistake” This pissed me off for several reasons.

  1. Hitting someone ONCE might be a mistake…Repeated hits are NOT a “mistake”.
  2. I supposed this also means that his OTHER restraining orders were all accidental too?
  3. Chris Brown OTHER documented violent outbursts were “accidental” too?
  4. RIHANNA IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT HE HAS BEEN VIOLENT TOWARDS! What? Rihanna’s violence is the only one worth while or something?

Even if Chris Brown wasn’t a violent thug. Justin Bieber thinks that Chris Browns autotuned songs are the same as 2Pac rapping and Michael Jackson songs? … lol #

All the damn “Beliebers” defending Justin and saying “that’s not what his true message is saying…He doesn’t condone domestic violence” Makes me as ill as the the post itself. Can you imagine being one of the people Chris Brown has been violent towards, seeing someone with a platform like Justin Bieber calling the person whose been violent towards you being called Legendary? With NOTHING to back that up with? The moment he apologised for Chris Brown and compared him to ACTUAL legends, he made it alright. People feel torn about Michael Jackson we DON’T about Chris Brown…at all. Definitely not torn at all about 2Pac.

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